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Super Junior and Girls’ Generation are set to guest star on the Chinese show ‘The Ultimate Group’.
According to SM Entertainment, Super Junior’s Siwon, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun filmed for the show on June 10, and Girls’ Generation will be the second group of guests to film on the 11th. This is reported to be the first time that all nine members of Girls’ Generation will be guests on a Chinese variety program.
'The Ultimate Group' is hosted by f(x)'s Victoria, Super Junior-M, and Jun Hyun Moo. The first broadcast has yet to be scheduled, so stay tuned!
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This edit is perfect *^* It’s the an edit someone made for my fanfic ^-^
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Super Generation is back!! Mr. Swing♡all of my favorite couple;)
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Hyoyeon “GIRLS ‘GENERATION” and Eunhyuk “SUPER JUNIOR”Dancing Queen and Dancing Machine.Equally a dance leader in each group, had a similar nickname, and brought together in a single management make Hyoyeon “Girls’ Generation” and Eunhyuk “Super Junior” familiar and make friends. No wonder really, since childhood to adolescence they spent together as a trainee. Like what, the relationship between them?INITIAL MEETINGHyoyeon and Eunhyuk met for the first time as a trainee in SM Entertainment. Hyoyeon a trainee in 2000 at the age of 11 years. While Eunhyuk incoming trainee in 1999 when he was 13 years old. Arrival Hyoyeon attract attention turns other trainees. Because at that time he had already seen prominent than others with the ability to dance above the average. Because being good at dancing most trainees, trainees were asked Hyoyeon teach other dance moves that have not been mastered. One that ask for help is Eunhyuk. From there they became close friends. Closeness they turned out to make the fans passionately and make shipper couple named HYOHYUK.MOST LIKEDDancing together. Not far from their proximity matters relating to dance. Even before debut, Eunhyuk and Hyoyeon often dance exercise together. In addition, they enjoy doing when performing dance battle. Not only during concerts, but also in the reality show they attend together. They will demonstrate their skills and make hysterical fans for their great dancing ability. Eunhyuk also pleased to tease Hyoyeon turns out, you know. When Hyoyeon texted, he instead replied, “I’m sorry Eunhyuk number had been changed.”-_-BY Eunhyuk… “Hyoyeon is a funny guy. If Girls’ Hyoyeon Generatiom gathered that I was looking for. Because instead of Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon’s name if you do not exist. Hahaha. Anyway, I know it since I was a trainee. Although he is a new trainee at the time, but he already looks to stand out with his dancing skills. So I always asked for his help. “BY Hyoyeon… “Eunhyuk is a very funny guy. When a trainee I never felt not have friends, you know. Moments of trainees is a tough time for me. But Eunhyuk could make me feel I have a close friend. Eunhyuk also became my friend when dance training dance class guy. Understandably , I had to undergo a separate dance rehearsal with members of Girls’ Generation else. “
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Hyohyuk <3
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