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'You've fallen for the Dancing Queen, huh?'

Hyukjae was pushed into the nightclub by his group of rowdy friends who were ready for a big night out. It was already late at night and the dance floor was packed full of drunken faces. Hyukjae wasn’t the type of person to frequent places like this, preferring to have a quiet night in by himself reading or watching television. However, his best friend Donghae was getting married soon, so the boys were getting together to celebrate. The other boys rushed over to the bar to order their drinks, while Hyukjae’s attention was grabbed by something else. 

Among the masses of black and brown hair dancing on the dance floor, a girl with blonde hair stood out. Hyukjae stared at the way her hips moved with fluidity; he was  draw in by her and couldn’t look away. The girl smiled confidently, unknowingly wrapping Hyukjae around her finger. Hyukjae felt a hand clasp him strongly on his shoulder and with difficulty, he dragged his eyes away from the dancing girl. 

'See something you like Hyukkie?' Kangin chuckled; failing completely to keep his drink in his cup, looking back over where Hyukjae had been looking. Hyukjae nodded, the tips of his ears turning slightly pink. Kangin's gaze fell on the girl and a smirk spread across his face. 

'Ah, so you've fallen for the Dancing Queen huh?' Hyukjae's head snapped towards his sunbae. 
"You know her? Wait, what did you just call her?" Kangin laughed again and faced Hyukjae.
"Everyone who comes here knows her Hyuk, she’s a regular. And I called her ‘Dancing Queen’. Everyone who comes here often enough does.’

Hyukjae let his gaze fall back on the girl. A large crowd had formed around her; or had they always been there? The crowd was filled with boys all calling out to her, fighting for her attention and girls who stared at her enviously. But the dancing queen simply ignored them all, choosing instead to tease them some more by emphasising the swing of her hips. It was working; the boys were going crazy, shouting and restraining each other and the girls whispered sourly to their friends.  She smirked smugly and turned her head to flip her hair out of the way and when she did so, her eyes fell on Hyukjae, and they lingered there. 

Blushing at the sudden eye contact, Hyukjaes eyes widened and he looked to the ground quickly. Kangin chuckled at first, but then seemed shocked and grabbed Hyukjae’s arm again.

"Hyuk! She’s coming this way!" Hyukjae’s head snapped up and he confirmed Kangin’s words. The Dancing Queen was making her way through the crowd, leaving the group of guys behind her severely disappointed. Shit that dress is short. 

Hyukjae moved away quickly, finding a spot at the bar to sit. Hyukjae tried to calm his breathing. He rarely received any attention from girls, making even a glance in his direction a victory. He ordered a lemonade (ignoring the strange look from the bartender) and nervously pushed his glasses up his nose. He tightly grasped the glass and took a sip, then finally started to calm down. 

"Excuse me," A feminine voice made Hyukjae’s body tense. "Is anyone sitting here?" 

Hyukjae slowly turned around and his suspicions were confirmed. The dancing queen had followed him to his seat, and now she was right by his side, close enough to hear each other breathing even over the loud music. Shit, that dress is so low cut!   

Hyukjae raised his eyes to meet hers and the second they did, his cheeks burned and his ears grew red. 
"N-No one’s sit-sitting there." Hyukjae managed to choke out, but the girl had already taken a seat beside him. She swung her legs over so her knees brushed Hyukjae’s leg, and he shivered.

"Thanks." The dancing queen said before simply asking the bartender for her ‘usual’.  

Hyukjae’s palms were sweating as the Dancing Queen sat beside him, casually sipping at her drink. Hyukjae couldn’t remember the last time he’d sat so close to a girl. After a long time of building courage, Hyukjae finally stole a glance at her, only to see that she was looking at him too. Her lips curled into a friendly smile, and butterflies erupted in Hyukjae’s stomach.

"I haven’t seen you around before… What’s your name?’ The Dancing Queen leaned forward, her deep brown eyes searching Hyukjae’s face. Hyukjae stammered out his name, and the Dancing Queen smiled. 

'Hyoyeon-ah~!' A peppy voice called from behind them. The Dancing Queen, or Hyoyeon as the girl had called her, turned around and smiled at her friend. 
"Whats up Yuri?" Unable to resist the temptation, Hyukjae turned around as well, facing the newcomer.
"We’re gunna go; are you coming?" Yuri asked, closing her clutch handbag.

Hyoyeon smirked and shook her head. “No it’s ok Yul, I’m going to dance with Hyukjae.”

Hyukjae swore he was going to faint. 

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One True Pairing.

Whether Eunhyuk and IU are dating or not, Hyohyuk is my one true pairing. However, If Hyukjae loves IU, good on him! She’s pretty, talented and is a lovely person; Hyukjae deserves someone like her. The thing is, no one but the two of them know the truth. 

I’ll always ship Hyohyuk no matter what! You can still ship people whether they’re in a relationship or not. This ramble possibly doesnt make much sense, but It’s important to understand that I want Hyohyuk to be together just as much as the next person, but i’m not going to be mad if he tries to find happiness with someone else. 

- Admin Amy

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I will be on hiatus for this blog.

Sorry, guys. I don’t know. I think I just lost faith on HyoHyuk. Maybe, I was very disappointed with the recent issue about IU and Eunhyuk. Maybe, I was expecting too much for HyoHyuk to the point that I never imagined him with another girl.

Meanwhile, my blog will be very active for Hyohunnies. 

I don’t hate anyone. I’m just.. sad.

Sorry and goodbye for the mean time. There are still other admins, tho. Again, this blog will not go on hiatus, only me(for this blog).

- Mariz

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That’s it;

I’m just going to classify the entire Younique Unit’s existence as a HyoHyuk moment.

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the feels i have right now. 
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PYL Endorsement, 2012.
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